Service Areas

Expanding Our Horizons: Service Areas Covered

Navigating the dynamic cityscape of the Portland metro area, we at Reliable Appliance Repair are dedicated to bringing our top-tier home appliance repair services right to your doorstep. Committed to reaching as many residents as possible, we proudly serve several communities surrounding the metropolitan region.

Regions We Currently Cover:

  1. Central Portland Metro Area: At the heart of our service range, the bustling Portland metro remains our primary focus, ensuring residents here have access to timely and efficient appliance repair.
  2. Outlying Communities: Beyond the urban core, we venture into the surrounding neighborhoods, strengthening our promise of widespread, accessible service.
  3. Eastward Boundaries: Our services stretch as far as Troutdale in the east. We’re always looking at ways to extend our boundaries, bringing our expertise to even more residents.
  4. To the West: Sherwood serves as our current westernmost boundary. If you’re located here or anywhere before it, we’re your go-to for appliance repair.
  5. Southern Limits: Venturing south, Wilsonville is the furthest point we cover at this time.

Future Expansions in Sight: While these are our present boundaries, we’re continuously striving to expand our reach. Our commitment to serving the Portland community is unwavering, and we’re hopeful of incorporating more areas soon.

Not Sure If We Serve Your Location? If you find yourself wondering whether your location is within our service range or near our boundary lines, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is always ready to help, and even if you’re slightly out of our typical area, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your needs. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Get in Touch Today! To ensure swift assistance or to clarify service area queries, don’t hesitate to call. Let us show you how our skilled technicians can bring optimal functionality back to your home appliances. Your reliable and efficient service is just a phone call away!